Duck Hunting Leases in Missouri: Daily

missouri duck hunting leaseIf you are an experienced waterfowl hunter and are looking to hunt ducks in Missouri without a guide, then a self-guided daily lease is a great solution for you.



What to Expect With Daily Duck Hunting Leases

This is a NON-GUIDED daily pit lease for waterfowl in the Southeast Missouri area. You can expect to meet a guide the afternoon before or the morning of your waterfowl hunt at a predetermined location near the duck hunting blind or fields. All hunters in your group will be required to sign a release of liability waiver prior to hunting. Your guide will escort you to the hunting pit. which will be hunt ready when you arrive. Decoys will be provided.

The pit will be yours only for the # of days you have it leased. Pit will be fully brushed. These are 16 foot 6 man pits with either roll top lids or flip top lids and a dog box. 6 person max. The fields will be flooded in 3″ up to 15″ of water depending on location.

Why Our Leases Are Best In Class: These are proven killing holes with a lot of success. Our hunting land is best-in-class given we have both water and food sources, which most waterfowl tend to migrate to (especailly ducks). That being said, depending on crop rotation, the fields will be in flooded rice or beans.

You are welcome to bring your retrieving dog and any motion decoys like mallard machines or spinning wing decoys if you would like. Most of our pits are within a 200-500 yard walk from a gravel road.  An ATV is not necessary, however, if you would like to bring an ATV to get back and forth from the pit to your truck, please feel free to bring your own ATV.

Large decoy spreads are provided.  You are welcome to adjust the decoy spread as needed.  Electronic motion decoys are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own motion decoys to add to the spread.

Daily Duck Hunting Lease Cost & Details

Non-guided duck hunting pit leases in Missouri are $600 per day and includes:

  • Blind for Up to 6 People
  • Brushed and Dry Blind (No Standing In Water)
  • Hundreds of Duck Decoys (Floaters and Full-Bodied)
  • Hard-wired Mojo Decoys
  • Heaters (bring your own propane)

Does Not Include

  • Meals
  • Transportation
  • Experience Guide
  • Retriever
  • Game Processing

Common Duck Hunting Lease Questions


What do I get with a guided hunt?

In addition to having our expert hunting guides, hunting pit and decoys, you can request transportation out to the pits. Your guide will provide all the calling and retrieving of the ducks and geese. This will provide you with a relaxed and more enjoyable hunt. Your pit will be brushed, decoyed, and ready to go for your hunt upon arrival. 



What do I need for the duck hunts?

You will need your hunting license, a warm insulated camo clothing, a shotgun (10, 12, or 20 gauge) with an improved cylinder, modified or full choke, and you will need steel shotshells (BB, #2, or #3). You will also need snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.


Where are the duck hunting leases?

Rogers Goosedown Outfitters (RGO) is located in Southeast Missouri near Kennett Missouri. About two hours north of Memphis. Call for specific details.


Can I book a waterfowl hunt for a single day?

Yes, single day hunts are available for both self-guided duck hunting leases and duck hunts with guides.


Can I book a hunt before season dates are set?

Yes, you can book hunts before season dates are set. Once the dates are set, you will be contacted about the desired hunting days. 2021/2022 duck hunting dates are filling up fast. Call 636-698-3526 to discuss available dates.


What type of pit will I be hunting?

You will hunt 16 – 20-foot roll top or flip top pits.