Goose Hunting Questions

When Is Goose Hunting Season?

Rogers Goose Hunting Guides are in the south zone of Missouri and for this region, the goose hunting season starts on February 7, 2024, and runs through the end of April. Though we typically end our hunts in the middle of March. Goose hunts begin 30 minutes before sunrise and go until Noon unless the limit is reached. See or consult the Missouri Department of Conservation website for exact goose hunting seasons and hours.

Geese South Zone Missouri Hunting Season: 

  • Greater White-Fronted Geese (Specklebelly)
    • Hunting Season: November 11, 2023, to February 6, 2024
    • Hours: One half-hour before sunrise to sunset
  • Snow Geese/Light Geese
    • Hunting Season: November 11, 2023, to February 6, 2024
    • Hours: One half-hour before sunrise to sunset
  • White Goose Conservation Order
    • Hunting Season: February 7, 2024, through April 30, 2024


missouri_spring_snow_goose_outfittersWhat Do I Wear Goose Hunting?

The waterfowl season in Missouri spans from late November through the end of January making for some lower temperatures during the hunts. Here are some tips on what to wear for goose hunts:

  • camouflage
  • waterproof boots
  • apparel according to the weather
  • layers
  • dry socks
  • face cover (optional)
  • avoid dark or neon colors


What license do I need for the Missouri snow goose conservation order?

The snow goose conservation order permit is the only permit required. No other stamps or permits are required.


Do you offer any discounts?

We are currently offering a special for those looking to hunt during the week. The discounted cost to hunt is $175 per person. This applies to Monday – Thursday. Please mention when you call to book your hunt. 


Do I Need To Have a Permit for Goose Hunt?

Yes, you will need a permit to duck hunt with Rogers Goosedown Outfitters. To pursue, take, possess, and transport ducks, coots, and geese in Missouri, except during the Conservation Order, you must abide by the Migratory Bird/Waterfowl Permit and Stamp Requirments.


Do I need to remove the plug from my gun in order to hunt snow geese?

You do not have to remove the plug from your gun; however, we do highly recommend it.


What kind of ammo do you recommend for snow goose hunting?

We recommend you have 3-inch shells or 3.5-inch shells for snow goose hunting with nothing smaller than 2 shots. BB is your best option just in case it’s a windy day.


Do I Need to Wear Waders? 

No, you do not need to wear waders for our goose hunts. The fields are typically muddy so we recommend high-quality waterproof boots. Knee boots are best.


What is the best choke for goose hunting? 

The best choke for goose hunting is usually a modified or full choke.


What Do I Need to Bring With Me? 

All you need for the goose hunts are your guns, your ammo, your license – spring conservation order permit, and non-alcoholic beverages and snacks.  Rogers Goosedown Outfitters will provide everything else for your hunt, including still and motion goose decoys, the hunting blind, and a guide. You can expect at least 1000 snow goose socks or full-body decoys.


Can I Bring My Dog With Me? 

No, you can not bring your dog/retrievers with you on goose hunts; however, you can for duck hunts.


Is There a Limit to Goose Hunting?

During the light goose conservation order, there is no limit on Snow Geese, Blue Geese, or Ross Geese.


Do I Need to Tip the Guide? 

While it is not required, the guides greatly appreciate a tip of 10% – 20%. Gratuity is not included in the cost of the hunt.


Do I Need to Sign a Waiver? 

Yes, please review and sign the Waiver prior to the goose hunt.