Missouri Guided Duck Hunt

Missouri duck hunting guides with decoysAt Rogers Goosedown Outfitters, we strive for a high-quality hunting opportunity for you and your party. You can expect experienced and friendly guides, as well as large spreads of decoys in some of the best waterfowl hunting areas in the Midwest. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and are grateful for the waterfowl family we continue to build across the country.

Call us at 636-698-3526 to book a hunt.

Keep reading to learn about our guided hunts, where we are located, how much it cost for our guided duck hunts, and what to expect while in the field with us.



Where are our waterfowl hunts?

Rogers Goosedown Outfitters is located in Southeast Missouri, stationed in Kennett, Missouri. AKA, the “bootheel of Missouri”. This area is best known as “waterfowl country” where thousands of migrating ducks & snow geese pass through every winter. This is just ten minutes from Arkansas, so if you’re wanting to duck hunt in Arkansas, we are just minutes away.

Some of the major refuges are only a few miles from where we hunt, Ten Mile Pond and Otter Slough in Missouri. All that being said… you’re in luck for a duck!


About Our Duck Hunting Pits

Hunts take place in large duck pit blinds surrounded by plenty of water, rice, and soybeans. Here you will find some of the best specklebelly goose hunting and duck hunting in the Midwest. No matter your experience level, Rogers Goosedown Outfitters can provide you with the perfect waterfowl hunt.

All pits already have everything you need to hunt for the day. Decoys and mojos will already be set up, all you need to do is show up and start shooting. The difference with our blinds is the quantity and quality of the decoys as well as the comfortability. You can expect at least 150 duck decoy floaters and a dry floor so you won’t be standing in 6 inches of water. The blinds that are for the day lease are the same blinds that we guide out of so they do produce birds.


When is duck hunting season in Missouri?

Waterfowl hunts in Missouri open from November 23, 2023, through November 26, 2023, and then December 7, 2023, through January 31, 2024.

Shooting time starts a half-hour before sunrise. The guided hunts will typically go through noon each day. If you are doing daily blind leases, you can legally hunt until sunset. The youth duck hunting season in the South Zone is on November 18 and 19, 2022.


When is the best time to duck hunt with Rogers Goosedown Outfitters?

Duck Hunting Season runs from around Thanksgiving to the end of January. The best time to hunt used to be around Christmas. However, with shifting weather patterns, the predictability of when to hunt is more difficult. Give us a call closer to your hunt and we can give you a better estimate on waterfowl hunting season conditions.

Duck hunts begin 30 minutes before sunrise and go until Noon unless the limit is reached. Please see the Missouri Department of Conservation website for exact dates.



What To Expect From Our Duck Hunting Guides

Our guided waterfowl hunts are held on private land in Missouri, so no need to worry about being crowded. Your guns, your ammo, and your tags are all you’ll need. Rogers Goosedown Outfitters will provide everything else for your hunt, including high-quality decoys. Ask us about our lodging special.


What kind of duck species do you hunt?

We typically harvest pintails, shovelers, green wing teal, mallards, gadwalls, and an occasional widgeon.

If you’re looking for snow goose hunts during duck season, you’ll also have the chance to get snow geese with an occasional Specklebelly mixed in. It’s unlikely you’ll see Canadian geese out in the rice fields.


What’s included with waterfowl guides and duck hunts?

You can expect the following accommodations with a guided hunt with Rogers Goosedown Outfitters:

  • Waterfowl guide
  • Missouri Pit Blinds over flooded rice/bean field
  • High-quality decoy spread
  • Costs: $180/per day per person

We offer several options for accommodations during your hunt as well. So if you have knee or back problems we can plan for that as well. Just give us a heads-up.


How much is a guided duck hunt?

The cost for a waterfowl hunting guide is $180 for each person per morning hunt. Afternoon hunts are an additional $120 per person a day, costing $300 for an all-day guided duck hunt.

How much is a day lease duck hunt?

If you would like to lease a blind for the day, the cost for a 6-person pit is $600 per day. Learn more about leased duck hunts.

Are kids allowed to duck hunt?

Yes, youth hunters are always encouraged to come out and hunt with us. We just ask that they be accompanied by a licensed adult. The youth season for duck hunts in the South Zone is November 18 and November 19, 2023.


Can I bring my hunting retriever?

Yes, trained dogs and retrievers are allowed to accompany you during the duck hunt season. But, we discourage bringing them during the Spring Conservation season. This is due to the potential of muddy fields, splashes on the white decoys, as well as wires.


What kind of ammunition do I need?

We do not provide the ammo for your hunt. Thus, we recommend 3-inch or 3 1/2-inch shells with #2 shot, #1 shot, or BB. We also recommend that hunters bring 1-2 boxes of ammo each day.


Is there a limit on the ducks we can harvest?

Yes, there is a limit on the ducks you can harvest during the season. The bag limit for hunters is 6 ducks per day. See Missouri’s migratory regulations for additional details. We’ve also included the limits for our most common ducks harvested. Possession limits are three times the daily bag limits for ducks and coots.

  • Four mallards (no more than two hens)
  • One pintail
  • Three scaups (greater and lesser combined)
  • Two black ducks
  • Two canvasbacks
  • Two redheads

See Missouri’s migratory regulations for additional details.


What license or permits do I need for the duck hunt?

You’ll need the Missouri non-resident one-day small game hunting permit, Missouri migratory permit, and a federal duck stamp. The cost for these licenses and permits is ~$45. You can purchase them online or at our nearby Walmart in Kennet, Missouri.


Waiver for Waterfowl Hunting

All hunters must sign a duck hunt Waiver prior to meeting the duck hunting guides of Rogers Goosedown Outfitters. You can also sign the waiver the night before or the morning of your guided hunt.